Representing Quality Manufacturers

Durco Filters

Automated Pressure Leaf Filters. Pressure Nutsche Filters. Slude Dryers. Tubular Backwash Filters. Filter Presses.

Oberlin Logo

Completey Automated Filtration Systems Designed to Provide Clean Liquids and Dry Solids Using Oberlin's Pressure Filter Technology.

R.P. Adams

Automated Self-cleaning Strainers. Shell/Tube Heat Exchangers. Aftercoolers. Cyclone Separator. Liquid Filtration Systems.


Floating Oil Skimmers and Disc Skimmers.

International Termal Systems

Aqueous Cleaning Systems. Custom and Standard Industrial Parts Washers.

Water Surplus

Reverse Osmosis Turn Key Systems and Stand Alone membranes. RO Membrane Filter Replacements.

Imler Filtration Inc.

Standard and Custom liquid, gas, air, and steam Filter Elements and Housings.


Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers